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We've found Dr. Emerson to be beyond caring and have a healing touch. We would wholeheartedly recommend him. Over the past dozen years, we've seen many chiropractors and know that he is the very best!

He uses a variety of techniques and is very compassionate. Our daughter has a complex, debilitating connective tissue disorder. She is bedridden with severe pain throughout her body. He enthusiastically took on her case when many other practitioners were overwhelmed, and years later, he is still one of the few people who can provide pain relief without heavy narcotics.

Dr. Emerson has treated our whole family over the years, tailoring the treatments to our individual needs. He does strong, deep muscle and spine adjustments on my husband, cracking techniques on my other daughter, and also excels at the more gentle adjustments which I prefer.

We enthusiastically recommend him. He's the best!

-Susan E.

I first met Dr. Bryan at a BNI meeting. When he said his tagline, "If you're back is cryin' call Dr. Bryan" I knew he was going to be someone great to work with. I know that I can walk into his office with a headache and walk out without one in 20 minutes! Plus, he's just the sweetest, most authentic guy you'll ever want to meet. No hype, no BS. Just a sincere caring for your pain and how to remove it.

-Annette V.

Dr. Emerson's knowledge and care has been instrumental for managing the back and hamstring issues I have developed from sports and working a desk job. In the past two years, any pain or soreness has been alleviated after a visit to his office. I have noticed decreased recovery time from muscle fatigue after working out or playing sports, and increased mobility to help me excel in those areas. I would highly recommend him based on his attention to detail, enthusiasm for the customer, and his genuine approach to chiropractic.

-Matt B.

Increased pain and discomfort in the left hip area after total knee replacement took its toll on my active life style. I went to a Sports Medicine M.D. The doctor diagnosed the problem as weak core strength and referred me to a physical therapist. There was little improvement after several weeks of therapy. A friend recommended I go to see Dr. Emerson.

Dr. Emerson, after conducting several tests, diagnosed the problem and began a series of treatments. I noticed significant improvement within the first few weeks. I now see Dr. Emerson once a month. The results enable me to return to an active life style which includes long walks and bicycling, weight lifting, yoga classes and competing in senior Track and Field events throughout the Mid-West.

I'm glad I followed my friend's recommendation. I've joined the ranks of those who recommend Dr. Emerson.

-T.H. Cristensen

For both my wife and me, Dr. Bryan Emerson quickly diagnosed the problems and knew the solutions. With a few visits to his office and following his recommendations for at-home exercises, we both found tremendous relief to long term issues of mobility and pain. His approach is collegial and respectful, and he very clearly has an in-depth knowledge of chiropractic medicine and nutrition. And he's a really nice guy - a pleasure to work with.

-Dave S.

I have a shoulder condition that frequently causes severe inflammation, pain and loss of motion. Bryan has enabled me to manage this condition without having to resort to surgery (yet). His professional knowledge and therapeutic technique are outstanding. After just a few sessions I'm able to lift my arm and cut down on the pain medication. He's a godsend!

-Iris S.

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